Courbet: the World in Reality

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古斯塔夫·库尔贝(Gustave Courbet)(1819–1877)是法国著名的现实主义画家,更是现实主义画派的开创者,他的一生都在践行他的一句名言:“我不会画天使,因为我没有见过他们”。

Gustave Courbet (1819–1877) is a famous French realist painter and the pioneer of the realist school. He has practiced his believes all his life: “I don’t think I can paint angels because I have not seen them.”

The Painter’s Studio: A real allegory summing up seven years of my artistic and moral life, Gustave Courbet, 1855, Oil on canvas, 361cm x 598cm, Musée d’Orsay, Paris

《画室》是库尔贝最具有影响力的一幅作品,画面中共有23人,都是对库尔贝的人生带来很大影响的人物。左侧为法国社会的劳苦大众 — — 乞丐、失业者、妓女、农民、商人、神父、濒临死亡的人,他们被称为“以死为生的人”,右侧为一群有理想、有抱负的人,包括画家的同行、社会活动者、诗人等,他们被称为“以生为生的人”。左右两个世界天差地别,画家本人位于正在画面中央作画画,他的身边的小孩或许象征着“无邪”,身旁的裸体模特,似乎是在表明画家不站立场,只做两个世界的忠实描绘者。

“The Painter’s Studio” is Courbet’s most influential work. There are 23 people in the picture, all of whom have greatly influenced Courbet’s life. On the left are the working people of French society — — beggars, unemployed, prostitutes, farmers, businessmen, priests, and people on the verge of death. They are called “people who live by death,” and on the right are a group of people in ideality, including fellow painters, social activists, poets, etc., are called “people who live bylife”. The left and right worlds are very different. The painter himself is in the center of the painting. The child beside him may symbolize “innocence”. The nude model beside him indicates that the painter is not standing, but only two A faithful portrayal of the world.


This work accommodates hundreds of rivers and layers, painting different social classes, each class’s daily world, sorrow and happiness, poverty and wealth, fortune and suffering. Looking at each character individually, you can read its charm. The entire picture is composed of complete, uniform colors, and harmonious. It can be seen that the painter has firm control over the painting and has strong painting skills.

L’Origine du monde, Gustave Courbet, 1866, Oil on canvas, 46cm x 55cm, Musée d’Orsay, Paris

《世界的起源》是库尔贝又一幅引起轰动的作品,画面描绘的是一个裸体女子的躯干、腿部以及生殖器。这幅作品为后来无数的画家带来了灵感,包括马塞尔·杜尚(Marcel Duchamp),奥兰(Orlan)等。

“L’Origine du monde” is another sensational work by Courbet, which depicts a naked woman’s torso, legs, and genitals. This work inspired countless painters, including Marcel Duchamp, Orlan, etc.

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