Corot: Where Landscapes Meet Romance

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让-巴蒂斯·卡米耶·科洛(Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot)(1796–1875)法国著名的现实主义画家。早年他是一位商人,26岁开始转行,成为一名画家,为后世留下了大量风景画和肖像画。

Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot (1796–1875) is a famous French realist painter. In his early years, he was a businessman. At the age of 26, he changed his career and became a painter, leaving behind many landscape paintings and portraits for later generations.

Venise, La Piazzetta, 1835


In his early years, Corot’s paintings were characterized by clear outlines and delicate brushstrokes, often seen better than “accurate” depictions.

Ville d’Avray, Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, 1865, Oil on canvas, 65cm x 49cm, National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.


But after he was 50 years old, his works paid more attention to the creation of the atmosphere, emphasizing the “poetry” in the painting. It can be seen that the clouds, trees, and grass in the picture at this time all give people a hazy and fluffy feeling. The “feather-like” brushstrokes used in Corot’s paintings became his characteristic, and Corot himself was considered a pioneer of Impressionism. Unlike impressionist painters, Corot prefers dark green, silver green, brown, and black in his choice of colors, and these colors are not the first choice of impressionist painters.


Corot’s works are both elegant, romantic, and authentic. Being one of the most important figures in art history and one of the greatest landscape painters in the 19th century, Corot has been remembered as a great pioneer for the next generation painters.

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